[Front Matter]


 1. Procedural Ruling of 12-18-2010: Admission of Expert Review

2.1 Procedural Ruling of 9-7-2011: Denial of New Expert Review

2.2 Procedural Ruling of 9-7-2011: Refusal to Hear Witness Aviello

3. Unreliability of Witness Quintavalle

4. Unreliability of Witness Curatolo

5. Time of Meredith Kercher’s Death

6. Genetic Tests

7. Analysis of Prints and Other Traces

8. Presence of Amanda and Sollecito on Via Della Pergola on the Night of the Crime

9. Staging of a Crime

10. Rejection of the Aggravating Circumstance of the Crime of Calumny

11. Conclusion